Bonus and Offers of PokerNinja Indian Online Casino

PokerNinja Indian Online Casino

PokerNinja is an online casino that centers its main focus on poker series in the Indian gaming community. It is a room where the players can enter into a virtual world of gambling. Every person related to online gambling has a Special attraction on bonuses and offers. We always want to earn more money by investing the minimum. This is why our main focus is on bonuses and Offers. PokerNinja offers lots of amazing offers, tournaments, and exciting real money games. So let’s check if it is beneficial for a player or not.

Two types of bonuses

PokerNinja is bonuses then it offers mainly two types

If we start discussing the bonuses then it offers mainly two types. One is during the first deposit which is very common for each online casino and another one is the lottery program.

  • During the time of the first deposit, you can get 100% cashback. This bonus has some conditions though. You can’t withdraw the money given through bonuses during the first deposit. You have to sum up the total bonus points and have to make it 100%. Only then you will be able to get a 100% bonus. The bonus money is fixed up to 1000 rupees. So if you deposit 1000 rupees then you have to also add 1000 rupees. Then you have a total of 2000 rupees in your account. Now if you want to withdraw that total 2000 rupees then you need to win 1000 rupees through any tournaments or matches. This is the condition of the first deposit with an example. 
  • The lottery program is called Goldsmith of PokerNinja. The rules are easy for the lottery system here. You have to collect bonus points throughout the match and you will get the award equivalent to that stored points. You can get 5000 rupees by 5000 bonus points, 12000 rupees by 10000 bonus points, 17500 rupees by 15000 bonus points, and 50000 rupees by 25000 bonus points. You can play a maximum of 4 times in a month. You can get cash for any bonus points only for once. 
  • The tournaments, on the other hand, have wide chances to win huge money. Not only the veteran members but also the newcomers can participate in every match. From 5000 rupees to 10 lac can be earned through playing matches. There is a match called ISOP which offers up to 50 lac rupees and you can reach the final then a chance of going to Europe is sure. This tournament is like a jackpot to the users of this site. 
  • Amazing games that are offered by this site are 7 card Stud, OFC pineapple table, 32 card draw, and Americana. These are the most exciting games offered by them. The deposit and withdrawal methods are very easy for Pokerninja. Master Card, Visa, PayU, and other common monetary transaction methods are popular here. Through this application, you can earn real money by playing games. The application is also available in the Android and iOS versions. We hope that your journey with Pokerninja will be successful and you’ll get the chance to visit Europe also.